An interview is a conversation between two people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee.
Interviews are a useful method to:
-investigate issues in an in depth way
-discover how individuals think and feel about a topic and why they hold certain opinions
-investigate the use, effectiveness and usefulness of particular library collections and services
-inform decision making, strategic planning and resource allocation
-sensitive topics which people may feel uncomfortable discussing in a focus group
-add a human dimension to impersonal data
-deepen understanding and explain statistical data.
Advantages of interviews:
The main advantages of interviews are:
-they are useful to obtain detailed information about personal feelings, perceptions and opinions
-they allow more detailed questions to be asked
-they usually achieve a high response rate                                                                        
Disadvantages of interviews:                                                                         
The main disadvantages of interviews are:
-they can be very time-consuming: setting up, interviewing, transcribing, analysing, feedback, reporting
-they can be costly
-different interviewers may understand and transcribe interviews in different ways.

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  1. Ali's blog says:

    Great post I like the way which you defined interview at the beginning of your post saying that An interview is a conversation between two people (the interviewer and the interviewee) and then you explained that interview is useful method in details also it is interesting that you explained advantage and disadvantage of interview . It is important for every one to get a job so we should know how interview take place.

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